Why SourceConnect Should Be Your Next Place to Find Leads.

Sep 13, 2023
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As a voice actor, we know how important SourceConnect is for our home studios. It allows us to connect with clients across the globe and not have to worry about editing after the fact. It's a great tool in our toolbox, but did you know that there are other ways to utilize your Source Elements account than just connecting for sessions?

Let's dive in:

Great excuse to reach out before your upcoming vacation!

Don’t want to bring your travel gear along for your upcoming vacay? (Yeah, definitely don’t like being stopped by TSA or having to not mention shotgun mic when you they’re looking at your mic case…YIKES.)

On your SourceElements dashboard, you can look at the map of registered users around the area where you will be travelling. You could also put in an address and find the one closest to you. I know I always appreciate advanced notice for something, so letting the studio know ahead of time shows mutual respect.

Studios keep rosters of voice talent themselves, so whether you use them or not, they now have your information!

Unconventional Could Be More Memorable

I’m sure that not many people are adding this particular studio via SourceElements. I’m sure this lead will remember you for it. Even if you mention it via your cold email or cold call, that will stand out.

It gives you a stamp of approval.

When clients who use SourceConnect see that you are adding them with your SourceElements account, this is a win-win. You are showing them that you’re a professional talent who uses a tool of the business in your daily life. Who knows how many emails or inquiries they may get from people who don’t even have a well-treated studio…


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