Searching was part of my job description.

Before I became a voice actor, some of my previous job titles were Marketing Assistant, Media Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant. Working for a non-profit company showed me the in's and out's of finding patrons, compiling data, and finding as much information as possible to then reach out to them.

I am also a freelance opera singer who constantly had to find work by reaching out to musical organizations to be a part of their upcoming concert series, offer a recital, or audition for their upcoming season.Ā 

So, all this to say: I hadĀ Ā a ton of experience searching for leads.

So, why Lead Generation?

When I started to focus more on my own marketing as a voiceover artist, I noticedĀ people asking about Lead Generation in forums on social media. People were constantly asking where to find leads, what tools to use to make things more streamlined to maximize their time, andĀ how to train their lead generator when they eventually outsourced this task.Ā 

I expressed my observations to my Mastermind group and my coach and they all said the same thing: "It sounds like you should make a course."

Get the Blueprint to Lead Generation Success.

Finding leadsĀ can take quite a bit of time, especially when you're not sure of all the different methods there are to finding all of your potential clients. (It's a big world out there!)

Lead Generation Blueprint provides multiple modules with step by step instruction on how to utilize search engines, LinkedIn, and social media to their full seeking potential, as well as other techniques to find your next client. The course alsoĀ introduces tools to add to your toolbox to maximize your time.

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